Message from Chairman
  • “Korea Electricity Association leading the electric technology development of Korea”
  • First of all, I would like to convey my gratitude to those who have shown their concern and support. Korea Electricity Association(KEA), established in 1965 in order to develop and integrate the electricity industry, has consistently contributed to fulfill its roles successfully over the past 4 decades.
    We have enhanced our technical standards to the international level with the restructuring project of the technical standards system under the Electric Business Act. Also, we are steadily performing the 6-step project of KEPIC(Korea Electric Power Industry Code) for technical standardization of the electric power industry.
  • In addition, we continuously and effectively work on the implementation of KEPIC quality certification, updating the standardized estimation of electric works and the new electricity technology review. Along with this, KEA has been trying to work with various international organizations such as MOU agreement with IEEE-SA, a world leader at standardization and Korea-Japan technology exchange conference.

    Particularly, we operate our scholarship program substantially in order to cultivate the elite to lead the electric industry in the future and strive to train electric technicians at the Electric Technician Training Center. Also, KEA will show both electric experts and general citizen its efforts to communicate with them by conducting various researches, operating mobile PR booth, publishing newsletters, expanding the range of service and renewing the website.

    Also, we as a central organization in electricity industry, commit ourselves to exert utmost efforts to bridge among members with the strong spirit of responsibility.

    We look forward to your extensive guidance and cooperation.
    Thank you.

    Chairman, Korea Electric Association