Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC)
  • The Future of Electric Power Industry - It’s KEPIC! Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC) is a set of Codes and Standards voluntarily developed by the electric power industries under the government-wide support in order to establish domestic technical standards for the electric power facilities such as nuclear power, fossil power, electricity transmission, transformation and distribution.
    It includes various requirements such as design, manufacturing, installation, test, inspection, operation, and maintenance in accordance with the domestic situations so as to secure safety and reliability of electric power facilities.
    Revised edition of KEPIC is published on five-year interval and supplements annually since the initial edition of 1995. The assurance 2005-edition, which is the latest, has six categories of quality assurance, mechanical, electrical, structural, nuclear energy and fire protection, spanning to 24,000 pages with 83 volumes in total.
  • Grounded on the government’s active supports, KEPIC is developing on three-step review & approval of Steering Committee, Technical Committee, and Subcommittees where approximately 300 experts from the industry-academia-research participate.
    Also, by implementing the industries to comply with the KEPIC through conformity assessment system, it contributes to the quality and safety enhancement in the electric power facilities, especially nuclear power plants.