Electro technical Regulations
  • Korea’s Electro technical Regulations to the World! In order to proactively respond to compliance to the WTO/TBT agreements and the market competition system, the Korea Electric Association continuously undertakes the maintenance works of Electro technical Regulations under the Electricity Business Act. Grounded on this effort, we contrive to promote the safety for our nation and electrical facilities, and to make the electricity business more efficient.
  • Technical Regulations prescribe the conditions required for the safe control of the electrical facilities and utilities pursuant to Article 67 of the Electricity Business Act and Article 43 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the same Act. It is operated under the official announcement by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and is applied to the overall fields of electricity including design, construction, supervision, inspection and maintenance. The Korea Electro technical Committee, established within the Korea Electric Association in 2001, conducts the various consulting works and compatibility evaluation in order to adopt, adjust and approve the technical standards. The Committee consists of nearly 450 professionals and experts from the government, academia, industries and research institutes and carries out many activities.