Electricity Day
  • ‘Electricity Day’, the biggest event in the electric industry!
  • The celebration ceremony is held in commemoration of ‘Electricity Day’ and medals of honors and awarding are given out to the men of merits. Moreover, other extra events such as workshops and seminars are held to stimulate the atmosphere for the advancement of the electric industry and for the unity among those engaged in the field.

    ‘Electricity Day’ is on April 10th and it started since 1966 to commemorate the first day when the electrical lamp was switched on at the Jong-Ro Street in Seoul on April 10th, 1900. Korea Electric Association organizes and implements the whole ceremony by preparing diverse events for this memorable day.

    In the celebration event for ‘Electricity Day’, the government medals of honors and merits, the awards of Gold Tower, Silver Tower, Bronze Tower, and Steel Tower, are given to veterans who have significantly contributed to the development of the electric industry. Since 1989, in particular, the ‘Top Honorary Tower Award for the Electric Industry Worker’ has been newly added and given under all the names of everyone in the industry to a senior veteran who retired after setting such an exemplary model in the industry.